How Much Does A Video Cost?

The Number #1 question we usually get when it comes to our video business is; “How much does it cost to make a video?”  That question is not an easy one to answer and the reason for that is because every project and most every video we produce for a client is a little different.   Our process when it comes to pricing video production services includes asking to speak with the prospective client on the phone or, even request to meet with them in person to discuss their options.   We ask a lot of questions so we can get to understand what that person is looking for. There are so many factors that come into play when creating a proper video proposal for a client.   You might compare shopping for a video similar to shopping for a new car.  Do you wan the basic cheaper low-end model, or are you looking for the top tier model with all of the accessories and amenities with all of the bells and whistles included?


Some of the questions that I ask a prospective client include: What is your vision for the video?  It’s not our video, it is your video that we are producing for you. How long would you like the video? Where is is going to play,  what is the end delivery? What are the kinds of things you wish to have presented in the video?  What is your budget, do you have a budget to spend on video?  Are we doing interviews?  Do you want a script with actor’s in the video?  Is there going to be narration or Voice Over?  Is there one location or are there multiple locations we will be filming at?  How many shooting/filming days will it take to produce the video?  Do you want or need motion graphics included in the video?  Do you want music or no music included with the video?  Do you need Drone/Aerial video included with your video?  Perhaps you may need a series multiple videos for a social media marketing campaign, or maybe you would like to do a monthly subscription based video service.

We are in the service industry and we’re here to serve you, the client. In the end it’s your vision and your project and we’re just here to help you with all of the details and make creative decisions to help create the very best product in the end.  That’s why we like to sit down with you and let’s talk all about your vision and then once we have all of questions answered and all of details, then we can produce a proper proposal for your video.   Let’s have a chat, we can sit down and talk about your wants and needs when it comes to producing a video.