What We Do

“We bring your vision to life and create what you want and what you expect so you get the best product in the end!”


We are a full service video production company and help bring your project from the idea stage all the way through post-production.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company with a limited budget or a large company with more budget to spend, we work with both.

Pre Production Services

Production Meetings, Concept Development, Script Writing (if applicable).

Pre production meetings are always included in our services and prior to starting any production we will meet with you to understand your vision and end goal for your video. At this point we assist with the concept development, script writing, graphics and more. This phase ensures that your video starts on the right foundation so the end result is exactly what you wanted and what you imagined.

Production Services

Producing, Directing, Filming, Production Gear, Locations.

Once we have met and have a good idea of the duration and complexity involved in producing your video, we can then begin production and the filming stages of your project. This includes securing filming locations and set up to shoot all of the necessary video for your project. Through the entire process we will work closely with you to make sure we’re on the right track to ensure the video represents your vision.

Post Production Services

Video Editing, Color Correction, 2-D & 3-D Motion Graphics, Music, Titles, Sound Mixing & Mastering, Voice Over/Narration.

After the filming stages are complete we move into the post production and editing phases. The editing phase is where the project really begins to take shape and come together. We will edit the raw video and include color correction, titles and graphics, music with final sound mixing and mastering of the audio and music track(s). If there is Voice over or narration for the project we will record and edit in the V/O tracks with the final video. We then deliver the final project in a digital format for client review.

Aerial PHoto & Video

Instructional Video

TV Commercials

Marketing Video

Conferences and Lectures

2D & 3D Motion Graphics