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Now available when you need it most. With a series of dynamic videos — by subscription.

Videos are a proven, highly-effective tool for generating inquiries and growing sales. In fact, companies that use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos.

A video subscription delivers a series of impactful, affordable videos, optimized to post on YouTube, Instagram, websites, blogs or use in email blasts.  Quickly, easily and ready precisely at the time your company needs them.

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Companies that use video grow 49% faster than non-video users.

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65% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos.

What is a Video Subscription?

The monthly video subscription service is designed for companies and brands that wish to post high quality video content to their website and social media sites on a weekly or monthly basis.  This consists of a series of short, engaging videos that attract new customers to discover your products and create a connection with your business that leads to sales. These professionally-directed and produced videos are the optimum length for use on your website, YouTube, Instagram and online sales platforms, such as an Amazon store.

Why a Subscription?

    • You save money by planning ahead.
    • We are committed to thoroughly knowing all about your business and your team.
    • The videos will reflect you and your unique message — every time.
    • A subscription guarantees fresh powerful videos will be ready at the moment they are needed to promote your business.

Why Do We Need a Video?

A study by Digital Commerce 360 showed that video increases the likelihood that people will purchase a product by 85%.

There are two key reasons why a video series creates the most impact:

    • Does your company sell more than one product? With a subscription, you can feature multiple products to build awareness and sales using professional videos –- videos that are affordable to fit the budget of almost every company.
    • The second is your customers. Each has their own reason for buying your product. With a series of videos, you can change the message to attract different buyers or to feature a specific product in each video.

How Can We Use the Videos?

    • New product or service introduction
    • Special promotions
    • Training and education
    • Product use instructions
    • Customer testimonials
    • Company news
    • Customer or employee spotlights
    • Product features
    • New team member introduction
    • Online sales platforms, such as Amazon sites with product videos perform very differently than those with photos only and have been proven to substantially increase the likelihood of a purchase.
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The Sensory Playce Gym for Kids Boise, Idaho

Video Subscriptions Start At Just $700/month

What is the Cost?

Some businesses think professional videos won’t fit their budget so they overlook the benefits. Or, they recognize the value, but choose to make a “free” video in house to save money.

A subscription with 2 videos per month starts at only *$650!  Videos are :15 to :30 seconds each and usually for Social Media.

This is equivalent to the cost of a small online ad or short Facebook campaign, and is a fraction of what you could pay for a traditional sales brochure. An added bonus? The video will continue to work long after those other options have disappeared from sight.

Oh! Show Productions has numerous video and subscription options to meet your company’s needs. 

*Monthly fee with 12-month agreement

Have it Done Right.

Not every video is effective. In fact, many are not. A great video creates viewer emotion and motivates them to respond. Sometimes, companies think they can save money by making videos themselves.   The truth is the only savings is the cost of the check. What about the expense of time to plan, agonize over the details and technology, and the many other steps of producing it “free?”

The most important consideration is your business. How much does it cost when a poorly planned or executed video leads to customers to form the same idea about your product? A video reflects your company and you. It should be as professional as your team and your business.

Bottom line, free is not free after all. An investment in a professional video will pay you back many times over in a very short period of time.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

We’d love to learn more about your company’s needs, what you’d like to feature in a video and how to use a highly-effective video subscription to grow your business.

If you would like a single produced video or something more in depth please take a look at some of our other work. CLICK HERE

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